Adventure through Cheyenne’s history!

Howdy from Cheyenne, Wyoming! My name is Andy Lope and this is my sister, Anne (she is kind of bashful… most people call her “Lil’ Shy Anne”). We’re a couple of native pronghorn antelope and we love showing families around our hometown, the capitol city of Wyoming! We’ve put together a FREE scavenger hunt in downtown Cheyenne, highlighting some of the local history, especially geared toward families with kids ages 4-14! You can finish the scavenger hunt in a morning/afternoon, over a few days, or even opt to complete only a few of the challenges, in any order you wish.

There is no need to download anything—you will receive a personalized link to log into a website using data or WiFi. Feel free to tag any photos along the way with #PairOfPronghorn so we can see your adventures too. If you complete the entire challenge, you can stop in at the Visitor’s Center inside the Depot Building and pick up a prize for each kid in your group!        

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Pair of Pronghorn's Scavenger Hunt

  • Learn historical facts and find answers to the questions at each stop
  • Complete the scavenger hunt to receive a prize for each child in your group
  • 1.5 - 2 hours to complete
  • Geared toward families with children ages 4-14
  • Free to play, nothing to download!

Included Venues

See locations on an interactive map.

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The Wild West
In the Old West days, Cheyenne attracted adventurers of all types – including some that became quite famous in history. Today, the Cheyenne Gunslingers reenact some of that Wild West adventure!
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1,001 Wonders
Today, Cheyenne is home to several museums, but none as crazy as McDaniel’s Museum, home of “1,001 wonders!” Opened in 1867, this was the hub of amusement and you’ll never guess what adventures they had…
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The Lincoln Highway
This road isn’t just our main street - did you know this road stretches ALL the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean?!
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The Equality State
Wyoming is known as the Equality State, but do you know why?
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Fire! Fire!
Some of the buildings you see in Downtown Cheyenne are the originals, but many, many are not…
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Roll Out The Red Carpet...
Cheyenne might not make you think of glamorous movie stars, but one night it looked like Hollywood, brimming with the rich and famous in gowns and furs!
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The Historic Plains Hotel
The only operating hotel in Cheyenne’s downtown today, this was THE place to be a hundred years ago!
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Step Lightly...
Glass in a sidewalk!? Why?
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The Vaudeville Circuit
Before there were smartphones, Netflix, or video games, there was Vaudeville!
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Whose Cow Is This?
The ranchers of Wyoming use a code to keep their livestock straight – learn how to read some of it!
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The Orphan Train
Thousands of kids traveled by train, beginning new lives with new families. Stand in the shoes of an Orphan Train traveler in the lobby of the Cheyenne Depot.